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What Can DriveSecure Offer?

DriveSecure has a flexible approach and can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business. There is a combination of packages to choose from depending on your specific needs.
DriveSecure offers all of the following:

Licence checking
The system offers an online licence checking solution which will not only deliver endorsement, revocation and ban details, but also comprehensive additional management information which includes individual driver category entitlement.

Driver risk profiler
The profiler analyses driver behaviour including driver behaviour on the road, attitude to driving, driving during different times of the day, personal and business driving habits and driving habits on different road types.

By asking questions around these areas the system can score drivers on whether they are deemed low or high risk.

E-Learning modules
E-Learning has become the new method to deliver effective and targeted coaching to drivers. Those driving for business can identify their own areas of development or have them chosen by their Fleet Manager. This coupled with other data such as fuel, accident, stress and mileage will allow the system to determine which training is to be delivered at crucial times.

Grey Fleet management
Grey fleet is an area that can be challenging to manage. This section is designed to clearly show the driver what is required from them. There are two areas, one being a self-declaration area where drivers are asked to provide details of the car driven on business, any points obtained and also sign a declaration that the car is fit for purpose. The second area enables drivers to upload items such as insurance documents and agree to a declaration of what they have provided is accurate and honest.

Policy management
The driver is provided with a copy of any policies that the employer wishes to be complied with and enables the employer to track acceptance electronically. New versions can easily be uploaded on to the system ensuring that drivers always have access to the latest versions. Any numbers of policies can be uploaded, whilst we are able to work with young and fast growing businesses who may not yet have a formalised policy in place and use our experience and skill to help design the right policy for you, all within the costs of implementing DriveSecure itself.

Mileage capture
Any driver has the ability to record their current mileage through DriveSecure. It has been developed to assist in monitoring costs and reduce administration involved in the collection and management of employee’s mileage data.

Incident alerts
Alerts are generated from the system to identify and highlight drivers who are non-compliant assisting businesses to manage driver issues that arise and to reduce the possibility of drivers becoming ineligible to drive. It can highlight any areas that need to addressed, such as eyesight checks, health issues, licence, fuel and incident management.

When your business has rightfully invested into a driver risk management programme you want to be sure it has the desired effects such as reducing incidents, reducing costs and ultimately keeping within the legislation and law in relation to health and safety and road traffic laws and legislation. Therefore a whole host of reporting options can be formulated for your business to help target areas of concern.

DriveSecure Commercial is a fully integrated solution that support the Daily check on commercial vehicles. The solution is based on three components:

a) a mobile App, currently available for iOS and Android. This app can be easily used by the drivers to fill the daily check list on the vehicle. The App automatically transmit the filled form to the fleet Manager. Allows also to take pictures and films to show the vehicle faults

b) a portal for the fleet manager, that allows the management of the check forms for the entire fleet. It allows the management of drivers details, vehicle details, authorization to the use of vehicles.

c) a portal for Groups fleets that allows the monitoring on the usage and the status of multiple fleets

Car Salary Sacrifice is a groundbreaking way to provide all of your staff with the benefit of a company car. Due to the tax efficiencies of employers National Insurance and employees Income Tax/National Insurance, compared to Benefit-in–kind, sacrificing salary, for green cars in particular, saves money for both your company and your employees.

All of our Car Salary Sacrifice solutions are supported by our Employee Contact Centre offering assistance to employees with general questions or even telephone enrolment.

Benefits of Salary Sacrifice Cars Schemes

  • Delivers significant cost savings
  • Enhances your organisation’s green credentials by encouraging drivers to choose the greenest cars
  • Support your company car scheme by attracting driver currently taking a cash allowance back into a more safety-compliant method of car provision
  • Provides all employees, not only company car drivers, with the opportunity to acquire a new car at a lower price
  • Enhances employee benefits without increasing budgets or overheads

VIsit our Car Salary Sacrifice Webniar at

Reducing the administrative burden associated with fleet management coupled with measurable cost savings to your business is always our key priority.  

We bring bespoke solutions to manage the vehicle interests of your business on an individual basis, through the application of experience and expertise to all areas of fleet. Providing a client focused service, we challenge and identify key areas, analyse your needs and provide the most cost-effective service. We deliver the following:

Benefits of Procurement led Fleet Management

  • Management of supply panel using the TR Fleet model
  • Driver Management- Dedicated Help Desk
  • Quotation management
  • Order administration
  • Status/Delivery management
  • Management Information collation including Benefits Tracker
  • Driver feedback measured
  • Structured quarterly review meetings

Procurement led fleet management

Using our bespoke model, TR Fleet is able to offer a unique portfolio of fleet solutions to our customers enabling the management of the fleet through the application of experience and expertise across all products and services.

Providing a completely client focused service, TR Fleet challenges and identifies key areas for review, together with analysing corporate and driver needs thus providing the most cost-effective service across the fleet functions.

The TR Fleet Model comprises:

  • Management of a preferred supplier panel
  • Driver management with a dedicated help desk
  • Quotation management
  • Order administration
  • Status/Delivery management
  • Management Information collation including Benefits Tracker
  • Driver feedback measured through feedback and analysis
  • Structured monthly / quarterly / annual review meetings

DriveSecure will also cover all ‘grey fleet’ vehicles within the fleet. Every driver driving a non-company provided vehicle on business registers their personal and vehicle details into the DriveSecure system. Drivers record details of the main vehicle they use along with details of insurance, road fund licence, and MOT.

The system has the functionality to also allow other vehicle details to be captured, for example if they may on occasions use their partner/spouse’s car for company business, capturing all the same records as their normal use car.  Automated email reminders are then built into the system to ensure drivers keep this up to date thus ensuring at all times companies adhere to a compliant corporate responsibility framework in accordance with Health and Safety.

If structured properly Cash Allowance can offer both the employer and employee with substantial  cost savings.

TR Fleet would normally carry out a brief review of your scheme and policy documentation and may recommend some small alterations and additions to your policy.  By bringing together our range of services below we can help you and your employees to achieve the maximum tax savings available whilst reducing the administration associated with operating your car scheme to a minimum.  We will also ensure that any scheme is run within a compliant corporate responsibility framework in accordance with Health & Safety.

Benefits of Grey Fleet Management

  • Consultancy – Right driver in company cars-right drivers opting out
  • Cash v car financial modelling
  • Management of Duty of Care responsibilities
  • Access to extensive demo fleet
  • Fleet discount on all new cars
  • Access to national stock of nearly new/used cars
  • Access to special offers
  • Negotiate manufacturers support where offered
  • Competitive finance deals including manufacturer supported programmes
  • All manufacturer vehicles supplied
  • Part exchange available

TR Fleet believe in delivering solutions closely aligned to the needs of your business. 

We provide a wide range of services, from an initial review of Policy documents through to driver risk assessments and Green Fleet.

We understand and take in to consideration any strategic business issues to ensure that our services are delivered within your current processes and closely aligned to your key objectives.

Being independent with strong industry credentials ensures the advice we give is always impartial and offers long-term viable solutions for you and your company.

Benefits of Fleet Consultancy

  • Provide independent advise on all fleet related matters
  • Review of current supply chain
  • Review of Policy documents
  • Review of acquisition methods – Salary Sacrifice, Contract Hire, Finance Lease, Maintenance Management, Sale and Leaseback
  • Review of manufacturer support
  • Driver Risk Assessments
  • Green Fleet Review

Fleet consultancy services

TR Fleet understands and takes into consideration all strategic business requirements and challenges to ensure that our services can be delivered within current processes and closely aligned to our customers key objectives.

TR Fleet will review:

  • Current supply chains
  • Policy documents
  • Acquisition methods
  • Manufacturer support
  • Driver risk assessments
  • Vehicle Purchase Schemes

  • Maintenance management

    Maintenance management (either fixed or actual cost maintenance solutions)

    Whichever the chosen funding method, TR Fleet can play an active role in overseeing the maintenance management services provided. This could be either on a fixed cost basis within the chosen funding package or on an actual cost basis through an independent fleet management provider. TR Fleet can assist customers in a review to ensure the most cost effective services are in place.


  • Global Daily Rental

    Daily rental

    Our rental partners have a Global offering, with two hour delivery guarantee, fixed pricing and no hidden additional costs.


  • Accident Management

    Accident management

    Where Clients do not take a fully comprehensive motor insurance policy, we can demonstrate savings (both monetary and operationally through improved vehicle off road time) with our accident management partners.


  • Fuel Card supply and Management

    Management of fuel costs and fuel policy

    Fuel prices have been the largest costs increases to fleets over the last few year. Forecourt prices are variable by areas across the country.  We work with Clients both by policy and supply route to bring efficiencies and savings.


  • Driver Risk assessments

  • Driving licence checks

    TR Fleet proposes to offer a comprehensive and realtime driver licence checking service to Plumbase that will provide absolute confidence in the compliance of its drivers that meets the newly drafted Road Safety Policy Framework.

    The service will provide for both initial compliance verification and on going realtime adherence to policy. This is not a conventional once yearly checking service and stands in contrast to those(both manual and automated)that operate in this way.

    Should a drivers licence status change regarding aspects such as addition of penalty points, or even revocation, Plumbase are alerted via the DriveSecure facility in realtime.

    Drivers are invited to register on DriveSecure platform via a welcome email.

    Once registered, a driver will have visibility of their own dashboard the view will differ dependant upon the drivers category.

    The driver will be invited to complete either an e-consent form or a  driver’s licence mandate. Drivers are requested to complete the mandate online (this is a straight forward check box) and upload a scanned image. Deadlines can be set for the driver to complete the mandate and this is the automatically checked against DVLA records.

    DriveSecure will cross check the data provided as part of the profiler. This information will be used to confirm the status of the licence and provide the organisation with an auditable report outlining the profile of each driver, If the status of a drivers’ licence and therefore eligibility to drive changes, Plumbase will be alerted in realtime by an automated notification. This includes changes such as the addition of penalty points.

    Pre-employment checks and foreign driving licence checks can be managed by DriveSecure, process and cost to be agreed by Plumbase

Why Check Driving Licences?

The current Corporate Manslaughter legislation and PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) legislation applies to all vehicles driven on behalf of a company or organisation regardless of ownership.
Under the above legislation it is the employers responsibility to ensure that all drivers hold a full and valid driving licence for the correct vehicle category. It is also important to have a robust procedure and audit trail.
This duty of care also extends to those employees driving their own car on business, part time, temporary drivers and contractors.
  • Insurance Products

Telematics is a general term that refers to any device which merges telecommunications and infomatics. Telematics includes anything from GPS systems to navigation systems. It is responsible for many features in vehicles from OnStar to hands free mobile calling.

Telematics enables wireless data communication and opens up a huge range of possibilities. It can enable you to have wireless television and internet on your vehicle. Telematics is essentially a range of different features, options and devices that are brought together by a single principle – data and communication.

Through telematics you enjoy many benefits in your vehicle on a daily basis such as roadside assistance and remote unlocking of your vehicle. Lets say you forgot the car keys in the vehicle, well with telematics and a quick phone call you could get your car unlocked.

Telematics is also used heavily in fleet tracking and management. More and more fleet owners are finding huge savings by adopting telematics technology.

  • Many acknowledge that Implementing a fleet telematics solution can improve
  • operational efficiency and maybe delivering savings as well as provide data for strategic
  • decisions, such as right-sizing your fleet and providing evidence of potential electric vehicle usage.
  • For service fleets, the information can assist in planning daily routes too.
  • TR Fleet work with a number of telematics providers but have selected Octo telematics


KeyBenefits with telematics

Right-sizing your fleet
Telematics can help fleet decision makers more accurately identify underutilised vehicles and evaluate utilisation patterns of each vehicle.

Electric vehicle usage

Telematics data is key to evidencing whether electric vehicles are suitable for any element of your fleet.

Optimal replacement planning
Telematics captures more accurate odometer reporting, an improved level of detail around fleet maintenance issues, and data points on driving habits or vehicle utilisation patterns. This complete picture allows fleet decision makers to refine and optimise their vehicle life cycle planning and lower the overall costs of fleet.

Reducing downtime
Telematics diagnostics can alert you to impending vehicle maintenance events before they become serious and create significant costs and downtime. Telematics can help clients determine when extended downtime events are occurring and calculate the overall cost to employee productivity and other associated costs to help fleet managers take proactive action on these activities.

Fraud prevention
Telematics can identify when fuel purchases don't match up with location or vehicle and when jobs are reported as completed but drivers were never at the specific location.